Module 1 Slide Themes and Layouts
Unit 1 Intro to Microsoft PowerPoint  
Unit 2 Change Slide Master Theme  
Unit 3 Create & Modify Slide Layouts  
Unit 4 Modify The Notes Master  
Unit 5 Modifying Handout & Notes Masters  
Module 2 Presentation Options and Properties
Unit 1 Changing the Presentation Options and Views  
Unit 2 Changing Slide Sizes  
Unit 3 Choosing Custom Slide Sizes  
Unit 4 Display Presentations in Different Views  
Unit 5 Set Basic File Properties  
Module 3 Configuring Print Options
Unit 1 Configuring Print Settings for Presentations  
Unit 2 Printing Slides, Notes, Handouts and in Grayscale  
Module 4 Slideshow and Recording Presentation
Unit 1 Intro to Configure & Present Slide Shows  
Unit 2 Configure Slide Show Options  
Unit 3 Create Custom Slide Shows  
Unit 4 Record Slide Show Timing & Narration  
Unit 5 Present Slide Shows by Using Presenter View  
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