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Certification summary

The Official BCS Accredited ICDL (European Computer Driving License) certification is a highly recognised qualification.

It offers you a key recognition of your literacy in computer skills and is designed for novices or casual computer users and will get you to a high computer literacy standard and on completion you will be awarded with the official BCS ICDL certification.

The  ICDL qualification is designed for absolute beginners and is designed to build your knowledge on the 8 core principles of IT.

IT User Skills – Level 2 Certificate (ICDL Core) is a level 2 Certificate Qualification with 25 Credits. It consists of Modules 1 to 7 and includes the Productivity in IT module. The qualification opens up a variety of opportunities through the broad range of skills it provides. (Ofqual QAN – Qualification Accreditation Number – 601/8240/4)

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Course Summary

The internationally recognised IT qualification, International Computer Driving Licence (ICDL), has been personally designed to increase understanding on how to use a computer efficiently, while simultaneously building effective and confident computer skills.

In turn, the ICDL course will open a wider range of opportunities due to the broad range skills it provides, including but not limiting to; Cyber security, IT fundamentals, Word processing, Spreadsheet support, Database software support, Presentation software support, Internet & emailing support, and Online Productivity improvement.

Once certified, successful candidates will be awarded with the official BCS ICDL (International Computer Driving License) accreditation. Which can be used to vastly improve job opportunities, as employers are currently after applicants who hold an official certification over those who do not, putting you ahead of your colleagues.

The ICDL qualification is widely credited by employers as proof of competence and capability when working with IT. Especially when considering that this is the world’s leading computer skills certification, with more than 14 million people engaged in over 100 countries.

Designed for novice and intermediate computer users, this course assumes no prior expertise and offers a flexible working programme, perfect for anyone looking to start in the industry.

In addition to this, this course comes with all seven official exams.

*Exams must be booked within 12 months of purchase date.

Official Examinations Included

To become Certified in ICDL, you will be required to take 7 examinations within a 12 month time period.

These examinations have been included in this package.

Careers and Jobs opportunities with the ICDL Certification:

The Official BCS Accredited ICDL is a broadly recognised workplace qualification and has become the computer literacy standard for many organisations. Including the NHS, the Aviation Industry, the UK Prison Service and is excepted within Public and Private education sectors and is becoming increasingly popular amongst the private sectors. Some examples of the extensive range of career opportunities certified candidates could expect, are:

• Healthcare
• PA/Office
• IT Trainer with Microsoft Office
• Bookkeeping
• Secretarial
• Aviation
• Financial Auditor
• Public Sector

Course Modules

The Computer Essentials Module covers using the common functions of a PC and its operating system, and to learn how to organise and manage directories/folders and files and learn to operate effectively within the desktop environment.

The Database Module covers how to retrieve and manipulate information from databases, by using sort and query tools. This also includes preparing outputs ready for distribution, modifying, and creating tables, queries, forms, and reports. It enables students to understand how to use a database application and understand the main concepts of databases.

The IT Security Module covers Guidelines and Procedures, Data Security, Technology Security, and System Performance and enables students to demonstrate their competence and knowledge in these areas.

The Using Email & the Internet Module covers how to use a web browsing application, how to understand concepts of electronic mail (email), and other communication options and enables students to learn about the Internet overall.

The Presentations Module covers how to modify and prepare presentations using various slide layouts for printed and display distribution, as well as other tasks such as creating, modifying, and formatting presentations and develop competence in using these presentation tools on a computer.

The Spreadsheets Module covers how to understand and accomplish tasks using formatting, modifying, developing, and using spreadsheets as well as developing the knowledge to create and formulate graphs and charts. This enables students to be able to demonstrate their ability to understand the concept of spreadsheets and their ability to use a spreadsheet application.

The Word Processing Module covers how to accomplish everyday Word Processing tasks associated with formatting, creating, and finishing small-sized documents such as letters and enables candidates to use a Word Processing application.

Course Options

IT User Skills

IT User Skills is a Level 1 ITQ Award (ICDL Essentials, which is designed as an Introduction to IT), consists of Modules 1, 2 and 7 with 9 Credits rewarded.

(Qualification Accreditation Number – 500/6226/8).

IT User Skills

IT User Skills Level 2 ITQ Certificate (ICDL Extra), consists of modules 3, 4, 6 and 8 (Improving Productivity Using IT) with 16 Credits rewarded.

This builds and helps students to improve their understanding of spreadsheets, presentation software packages, and word processing.

(Qualification Accreditation Number – 500/6242/6).

IT User Skills

Level 2 Certificate (ICDL Core) is a Level 2 Certificate Qualification, consisting of Modules 1 to 7 (Excluding the Productivity in IT module), with 25 Credits rewarded.

A wide variety of opportunities are opened to students through the broad range of skills that this qualification provides.

(Qualification Accreditation Number – 601/8240/4).

ICDL Core (7 Unit) ICDL Essentials (BCS L1 Award ICDL Extra (BCS L2 Certificate) ICDL Advanced (BCS L3 Certificate)
QAN: 601/8240/4
QAN: 500/6226/8
QAN: 500/6242/6
QAN: 500/6243/8
IT User Fundamentals (L1)
IT User Fundamentals (L1)
IT Security for Users (L1)
IT Security for Users (L1)
Using Internet & Email (L1)
Using Internet & Email (L1)
Word Processing (L2)
Word Processing (L2)
Word Processing (L2)
Databases (L2)
Databases (L2)
Databases (L2)
Spreadsheets (L2)
Spreadsheets (L2)
Spreadsheets (L2)
Presentations (L2)
Presentations (L2)
Presentations (L2)
Improving Productivity using IT (L3)