Module 1 Navigate Within Documents
Unit 1 Introduction to Microsoft Word  
Unit 2 Find & Advanced Find  
Unit 3 Inserting a Bookmark  
Unit 4 Inserting Hyperlinks to Locations within a Document  
Unit 5 Move to Specific Locations within a Document  
Unit 6 Show & Hide Formatting Symbols  
Unit 7 Hidden Text  
Module 2 Format Documents
Unit 1 Intro to Formatting Documents  
Unit 2 Set up Document Pages Using Margins  
Unit 3 Applying Style & Design Sets  
Unit 4 Insert & Modify Headers & Footers  
Unit 5 Configure Page Background Elements  
Module 3 Save and Share Documents
Unit 1 Save & Share Documents Intro  
Unit 2 Save Documents in Alternative File Formats  
Unit 3 Modifying the Document Properties of a Word Document  
Unit 4 Modify Print Settings  
Unit 5 Share Documents Electronically  
Module 4 Inspect Documents for Issues
Unit 1 Removal of Hidden Info  
Unit 2 Locate & Correct Accessibility Issues  
Unit 3 Locate & Correct Compatibility Issues  
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