Module 1 Advanced Word Processing
Unit 1 Formatting - Text - Apply text wrapping options for graphical objects (picture, image, chart, diagram, drawn object), tables.  
Unit 2 Formatting - Text - Use find and replace options like: font formats, paragraph formats, paragraph marks, page breaks.  
Unit 3 Formatting - Text - Use paste special options: formatted text, unformatted text.  
Unit 4 Formatting - Paragraphs - Apply line spacing within paragraphs: at least, exactly/ fixed, multiple/proportional.  
Unit 5 Formatting - Paragraphs - Apply, remove paragraph pagination options.  
Unit 6 Formatting - Paragraphs - Apply, modify outline numbering in multi-level lists.  
Unit 7 Formatting - Styles - Create, modify, update a character style.  
Unit 8 Formatting - Styles - Create, modify, update a paragraph style.  
Unit 9 Formatting - Columns - Apply multiple column layouts. Change number of columns in a column layout.  
Unit 10 Formatting - Columns - Change column widths and spacing. Insert, remove lines between columns.  
Unit 11 Formatting - Columns - Insert, delete a column break.  
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